5 Hacks to Being an Organised Mum When Your Newborn Arrives

Every parent will tell you that being organised before your newborn arrives is key to enjoying those first few months with your tiny new human. There are so many hacks out there in the mother-baby world we thought we would focus on the hacks that specifically benefit parents of newborn babies.

Bassinet on wheels


This may sound basic, but hear us out.

Whether you have a c-section or a natural birth, large or small baby, you are going to be bloody sore. Pushing a lightweight bassinet from your bedroom (next to your bed) to your kitchen or living room will make life so much easier.

Why? Because it allows you physical freedom, you need to be organised!

Let us explain.

Your newborn will sleep on and off day and night. It will eat every few hours and sleep most of the hours in-between. This can be very restrictive for new mothers.

Bassinets on wheels are great for several reasons:

  • Newborns Need to Learn Night From Day

    Wheeling a baby from room to room with you during the day allows them to sleep in the light of the day with normal household noises. Your baby will soon learn that more extended periods of sleep happen in the dark silence of the night and not the day!

  • Teach Your Baby to Sleep in Any Environment

    If your baby learns to sleep in a completely silent room during the day, it will soon become a baby that wakes to a pin dropping at night. To avoid tiptoeing around your house for the next two years with a baby that can’t sleep on the run, teach your baby to sleep anywhere. Roll your bassinet into each room you are in throughout the day for the first 4-6 months. Playing loud music is out of the question. Still, everyday household noises and low conversations with daylight will help to create a flexible sleeper.

  • Easy Access to Your Baby When You Are in Bed

    When feeding your baby when you are in bed (night or day!) when your eyes don’t want to open, and your legs don’t want to walk. Bassinets on wheels allow you to reach in and grab the baby for a feed quickly.  More importantly, they also allow you to reach out and rock the bassinet with one hand simply. This is a great way to teach your baby to self soothe back to sleep while hearing your voice and knowing you are right there.

    Don’t worry, we know you will likely pick your baby up most of the time, but on those rare occasions you show some self-control, the bassinet rock may surprise you!

2. A Well-Stocked Nappy Bag Will Save The Day Every Time 

You are probably saying to yourself, “I know I need nappies and wipes in a nappy bag”. You may even know about the clothes. Only joking! So we thought we would advise you quickly with a list of what a mother needs in her nappy bag when she has a newborn.


  • Nipple guards (BF babies)
  • Nipple cream (BF babies)
  • Sensitive baby wipes
  • Nappy cream
  • 4 x disposable nappies or 2 x cloth nappy shells with 4 x soaker insert pads
  • Reusable waterproof nappy disposal bag
  • Nappy change mat (unless it comes with your nappy bag)
  • 2 x baby wraps
  • Sterilised bottles and nipples with full formula dispenser x 2 (bottle babies)
  • Breast Pump (breast & bottle babies)
  • 3 x onesie outfits
  • 3 x singlets 
  • 1 x beanie
  • 2 x burp/vomit cloth
  • 2 x dummies (if you use them) one will drop!
  • Pram blanket

Modern Nappy Bag

Now you are probably wondering how you can possibly fit all of this in a nappy bag. You will definitely need to look at some modern nappy bag designs that come with a built-in wipe holder, their own nappy changing mat, bottle pockets, stroller straps, an insulated bottle holder and all the perks.

Practical Feeding Pillow

3. Breast or Bottle Feeding Pillow For Your Back, Shoulders and Nipples!

Many people will tell you to spend big bucks on a chair in which you can feed your baby. As you probably know by now, the word ‘baby’ added to a product name usually doubles the price! Save yourself some serious money and room by getting a good quality breastfeeding pillow, whether you intend to use bottles or boob. 

Breastfeeding Pillow Vs Nursery Chair

  • Modern breastfeeding pillows have adjustable padding options to allow parents to increase the babies head height saving your back, neck and shoulders.
  • Nursery chairs have a standard armrest which may or may not suffice for height.
  • Pillows are portable! You can watch the TV, change rooms and take it out and about with you.
  • Chairs stay in one room and take up space.
  • Pillows are easy to wash and cost much less.
  • Chairs can be wiped down but are expensive.

Oh, you are wondering what this has to do with your nipples? If you are a breastfeeding mother, you will discover positioning is key to stopping unnecessary pulling and control over your baby’s nipple attachment. Sometimes it can take a few tries to get the baby attached adequately during the early months. This can be painful and cause chaffing and sore nipples during and after feeding. You can improve this by using a breastfeeding pillow that allows height adjustment of your baby’s body and head—having them as close to your breast as possible and allowing you to use two hands.

Drawer dividers

4. Drawer Dividers For Organising Newborn Clothes

If you have started to shop for baby clothes, you may have begun to realise just how tiny 0000 sizes really are. Although newborns don’t wear their littlest clothes for long, you will need a lot of them unless you are prepared to wash and dry them three times a day!

There is nothing worse than getting home from the hospital with a new baby and trying to sort through nursery drawers to find things with a crying baby in your arms.

It is time to get prepared and get yourself some drawer dividers, so you don’t end up with tiny clothes, socks, hats, bibs and burp cloths mixed up all over the place. 

Here, we will give you the categories to make it even easier for you:

  1. Socks, Mittens, Hats & Bibs 
  2. Nightwear & Under Singlets
  3. Jumpers & Cardigans
  4. Long Sleeve Tops & Pants
  5. Dresses & Bloomers 

Tip: Try Ikea for some easy and affordable drawer divider options.

Heated Baby Belt

5. Ease Pain, Discomfort and Restless Sleep WIth a Heating Pad

As a new parent, you will spend a lot of time working out what your newborn wants or needs. There is a long list of baby sounds and cries you are yet to figure out. 50% of those cries will usually point to pain caused by trapped gas, discomfort while digesting or agitation due to overtiredness.

Fragile newborn babies are safest with natural remedies. Paediatricians will advise you to stay away from medications unless prescribed by your doctor. It is usually a last resort. A great option is to use heat to soothe and calm your new baby. Heating pads are now being designed for babies from newborn to 12 months to do just this. You simply follow the safety instructions for heating and wrapping your baby in warmth.

Heating pads can be used when an overtired baby is struggling to settle or is fussy being put down. The warmth makes them feel safe and secure, as if they are lying in your arms. Heat can also distract babies from pain and discomfort and help move tummy wind.

Be sure to follow the instructions carefully and always follow SIDS safety techniques for your baby’s sleeping positions.



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