The Versatile Nappy Bag You'll Love Long After Nappies Are Gone

Every year around the world more than 130 million babies are born. This is a very exciting (if slightly daunting!) time for everyone involved!

With that said, the arrival of your little miracle comes with a lot of baggage that isn't always cheap. On average, new parents will spend more than $10,000 on baby gear in the first year alone—that doesn't even include clothing!

Sadly, once your baby is all grown up, you won't have a lot of use for all the accessories you invested in. This can mean that you have to give away or sell thousands of dollars worth of items.

On a positive note, when it comes to your nappy bag, you might just have an accessory that is going to stick around long after the nappies are gone! 

When you invest in a stylish and quality nappy bag you can get plenty of use out of it for years to come! Read on to find out exactly why your nappy bag could be the most useful thing you buy.

A Multipurpose Nappy Bag Helps You Stay Organised

Nappy bags are designed to make your life easier when you're on the go. Because of this, they have plenty of pockets for organising your things—and that doesn't just mean your baby gear.

Once the nappies move out, you're left with a stylish and practical bag that can carry everything. From a cleverly packed overnight bag to a chic business carry-all with space for your laptop or iPad, your nappy bag just became not-so-nappy and extra useful.

If you selected a backpack nappy bag, you've got the added benefit of being able to sling it over your back and carry it comfortably on public transport, in crowds and more.

The Best Nappy Bags Are Durable

Search for a nappy bag that is built well from premium materials. That way, you're sure to get a good life out of it.

They're also easy to clean. In fact, they're designed to withstand spills and mess so can be cleaned regularly without causing damage to them. Some designs may be machine-washable and most of them are wipeable.

While in theory you'll only need one nappy bag, it won't hurt if you decide to buy more than one! Just think, you probably had more than one handbag before your little one arrived, so why not invest in a second nappy bag?

That way, you'll get twice the use out of your nappy bags while being able to switch from style to style, or colour to colour for a complete look that's always on-point.

Designer Nappy Bags Offer Comfort and Style 

When you think of a nappy bag, you might not always think of the most stylish accessory in the world. In fact, your mind may wander to over-flowing, garish, animal printed bags—this doesn't have to be the case. 

There are now amazing designer nappy bags available in a range of different materials. For example, with one of our faux leather nappy backpacks, people won't be able to tell the difference between a stylish new backpack and your nappy bag.

However, unlike other bags, designer nappy bags are created for everyday use. This means that they can hold a lot without becoming uncomfortable and will pass the test of time.

The padded straps mean that you can wear your nappy bag all day without it rubbing or hurting your back. Comfort and style all in one place—what's not to love?

Nappy Backpacks Are Perfect For Travel

If you like to travel then you'll be familiar with the dilemma of what to take on a flight. Step in the nappy bag.

As a carry-on bag, your nappy bag will go on serving you with pockets and compartments for your books, magazines and laptop or iPad.

Find spaces to stow your spare headphones and USB charger along with a change of clothes and underwear and your set of bathroom accessories for freshening up during long trips.

You'll know exactly where everything is, helping you breeze through security checks.

As a day pack when you're exploring you'll love the security of external zip pockets for your passport, credit and debit cards and travel cash.

Some bags have removable or adjustable straps, which makes switching from a backpack to shoulder bag easier.

Heading Back To Uni Or Work?

Good on you! While you're still in the phase of waiting for your new baby to join the world, you'll hardly be thinking about what you're going to do after those first months. However, life will keep moving forward!

So, when your little love is ready to start daycare or kindy, or head off to school, what's your day going to involve?

Many mothers find that their nappy bag steps up to be their must-have for carrying everything and anything, even when it has nothing to do with babies—simply because they chose a bag that they loved.

Just imagine the possibilities for the workplace with your nappy bag easily carrying your lunch, device and stationary. You'll even have space for a spare pair of flat shoes... because wearing heals just isn't as easy as it used to be!

A well chosen nappy bag is more! It'll become your favourite bag in no time.

Love Your Nappy Bag For Years To Come

As you can see, your nappy bag might be one of the few items that will stick around after the first year so it pays to choose quality. It makes the perfect day-to-day backpack for work, school, and travel.

Take your time to find a bag that suits your style and your needs, not just today but into the future!

Ready to find a stunning nappy bag to add to your collection? Then check out our latest designs. We're sure to have a bag to suit your style! 

Baby bag Lyla - Black M&B.

Lyla - Black

$280 $560
A Willow - Tan leather backpack with a Mother and Baby logo on it.

Willow - Tan

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A Willow - Black leather backpack with the word vg on it by Mother and Baby.

Willow - Black

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Baby bag Alora - Black M&B.

Alora - Black

$280 $560



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