Do I need a nappy bag?

It’s the question on the lips of every expectant mother and a hot topic when it comes to baby shower gifts. But are they essential?

While you might think that any good-sized bag will do, we’re not so sure it’s going to meet your needs.

The nappy bag is a carrier of all the things, a constant companion, and a parent's best must-have. In short, anytime you take your baby out, you need to take a bag full of baby things with you too.

Far more than just another of the many baby accessories you will end up accumulating, your nappy bag will be, without a doubt, one of the most-used pieces of baby gear you'll buy.

Keep reading to learn why you definitely do need a nappy bag! 

Babies need a lot of things

Do you have babies?

Yes—you’ve probably already realised how many things babies need.

Not yet—well, congratulations if you're expecting! However, what you might not be expecting is how such tiny people come with so much stuff. You may have even heard that babies don’t take up nearly as much space as their things do!?

The thing is that once you want to get out and about with your little one, you’ll need to be prepared for anything that your baby can throw at you—which can be surprisingly horrifying.

So here’s where the nappy bag comes into the picture.

It’s your stylish, carry-all that keeps everything you need for your baby in one organised place that you can swing over your shoulder and take anywhere.

Can’t I just use my regular old backpack?

We get it; unnecessary spending is something you want to avoid—especially once you start having kids.

While you might have a perfectly good backpack or bag at home that you can repurpose, it’s unlikely to suit your nappy bag needs.

The main problem with regular backpacks and bags is that they're not designed with either mums or babies in mind. While they might have a front pocket and even a couple of side pockets, these compartments are rarely spacious enough for storing baby essentials on-hand at all times.

As a result, you'll find that everything gets mixed up, spills and leaks will happen regularly, and you'll spend half your life searching for whatever you need. 

Not to mention that the fabrics used to make regular backpacks and bags may not cope well with leaks from soiled baby clothes, foods and products. This could make keeping that backpack clean very difficult.

The features that make nappy bags extra special

Unlike regular backpacks, nappy bag backpacks are designed for parents, the challenges they face, and the needs they have.

Storage space for baby essentials 

Nappy bags provide you with space to carry those must-haves that you’ve painstakingly selected before heading out with your baby.

Your baby bag checklist might include spare clothes, snacks, bottles, bibs, and toys. Plus, nappy-changing essentials such as nappies, wipes, creams, and a portable changing mat.

By choosing a wide-opening baby bag that is not too deep, you’ll find it easier to see and access everything and avoid frantically rifling around at the bottom of your baby bag.

Ease of organisation

Baby bags feature dedicated easy-access compartments for a variety of items. Smaller pockets and compartments are ideal for keeping track of small baby accessories like dummies and teething rings. Larger pockets are perfect for packing bulkier items, including a change of clothes and spare nappies. 

Thoughtful touches such as an internal key clip and insulated bottle pockets make staying organised and prepared for anything even more manageable.

Premium baby bags also include stylish matching accessories such as an essentials zip purse and a portable changing mat. With these, you'll soon wonder how you ever would have managed without. 

A baby bag that’s comfortable and easy to carry

Once your little one starts crawling and walking, you’ll especially appreciate being able to carry your nappy bag hands-free—that’s when you might prefer a nappy backpack with comfortable padded straps.

There might be times when you’d like fast-pickup and to be able to sling your baby bag over your shoulder to dash from the house to the car—that’s when having the flexibility of a removable shoulder strap can make all the difference.

During those early years, when you’re getting around with a stroller or pram, a nappy backpack with removable stroller straps will make life that much easier.

Wipeable interior 

Innovative storage options make leaks and spills inside your nappy bag less likely. Yet, you might still need to deal with a rogue lid to come loose and make a mess of your bag's interior or have to transport some soiled baby clothes.

Regular bag fabric isn’t selected for ease of cleaning. Yet, good nappy bags are made from water-resistant and stain-resistant materials both inside and out. This makes them easy to clean with a baby wipe and withstand a deeper clean with a cloth and warm soapy water.

Stylish exterior 

Let’s face it; you’ll be seen in public with your nappy bag—so what it looks like matters. Would you be proud to have it with you at a restaurant, a professional meeting, or just to show off at school pick-up?

Either way, your chosen nappy bag will be your go-to accessory for the next few seasons, at least. As such, a stylish yet timeless design is another significant consideration. 

What's more, you can find chic nappy bags made from luxurious vegan leather, so you won't have to sacrifice sustainability for the sake of style.

Don’t forget that a nappy bag is for you too!

Years of research and development have produced nappy bags that satisfy the everyday parental needs of going out with a baby. But, don’t forget to consider your needs too.

These requirements might relate to who is usually with your little one, where you intend to go with your baby, or your child's needs and habits. 

For example, a nappy bag with a laptop pocket in the back might work for on-the-go working parents. Or, a bag design that's neutral enough to work for men and women could be high on your list of priorities if dad regularly takes the baby out. 

Find Your Perfect Nappy Bag

Let's face it, a regular backpack or bag falls short in every way when it comes to considering it as a possible nappy bag contender. 

Not only do the range of extras make baby bag backpacks the more practical choice, but we're sure that the chic range of options out there are also a lot more stylish than repurposing your old gym bag.

Want to know more about M&B baby bags? Check out our support hub for cleaning tips, order advice, and lots more.

Baby bag Lyla - Black M&B.

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