5 essentials to look for when choosing a nappy bag

As any parent knows, going out with your baby means you need to lug around a whole lot of accessories. From bibs and dummies to spare nappies and extra clothing, leaving the house without a bulging nappy bag is out of the question!

Many new parents try to cram everything in an old backpack or repurpose their gym holdall as a baby bag. But before long, spilt contents, stained interiors, sore shoulders, and soiled clothes make them realise their mistake. 

Modern nappy bag backpack options look a lot more elegant than you might imagine while also being fit for carrying baby gear. The best ones on the market are designed with every possibility in mind so that you have one less thing to worry about.

But how can you choose the best baby bag for your needs? Keep reading to find out!

What should you look for when choosing a nappy bag?

The perfect nappy bag combines form and function, appearing sleek and stylish on the outside while providing next-level organisation on the inside. But what specifics should you be looking for? Here are some of the most critical considerations:

1. Spacious compartments

The main feature of a baby bag is a lot of compartments. These allow you to keep clean-up supplies, such as baby wipes and nappy cream, away from food supplies, such as on-the-go snacks and formula. And, when every essential item has its compartment, it makes it a lot easier to see what you've forgotten or what's running low. 

That said, many nappy bags sacrifice space and don’t allow enough room for your baby gear essentials. While one or two small compartments help store smaller accessories, such as a spare dummy for a quick dash to the supermarket, it’s not enough for you to enjoy a day out at the beach, park or shopping mall.

Unless you plan on staying at home, you’ll also need plenty of spacious compartments for larger items such as a pack of wipes, spare nappies and a complete change of clothes. Having to squeeze these essentials into small pockets is hard enough, but struggling to get them out when you most need them could be very frustrating!

2. Easy-access pockets

One thing all parents have to handle is cleaning up messes. While there is little that you can do to avoid it, you can be prepared to deal with anything your little one can throw at you.

Spacious, easy-access pockets at the front and sides of your nappy bag are perfect for storing wipes, tissues, bibs, and other items you'll often need at a moment's notice. 

That said, these pockets are also great for storing your phone and keys whenever you want to leave your handbag at home. This way, you can travel a little lighter but still have everything you need for a day out with your baby. 

3. Stain-resistant interior

No matter how careful you are, messes can also happen on the inside of your nappy bag. From a leaking formula bottle to an exploding tube of baby sunscreen, a bag with a wipeable and stain-resistant interior makes life a lot easier as you don't have to worry about these accidents ruining your bag.

To stay on top of supplies and stains, it's a good idea to check your baby bag after every use. This way, you'll have the chance to clean up spills before they dry and potentially cause stains while also making sure you have enough of everything for your next trip out.  

4. Matching accessories 

Nothing completes the chic appeal of a designer nappy bag better than stylish matching accessories. For easy nappy changes at friends’ houses or public bathrooms, a portable changing mat is a lifesaver. While an insulated bottle warmer makes outdoor feeds a lot easier. And, thoughtful extras such as matching shoulder or stroller straps and an essentials zip purse ensure optimal organisation, style, and ease. 

5. Easy to carry

Another essential requirement of a baby bag is that it's easy to carry while travelling. The best travel nappy bag options have multiple strap options so that you can convert it from a satchel baby bag to a nappy bag backpack in an instant. Likewise, zipped compartments keep your belongings safe throughout your trip, while a top hook makes for easy storage during stops. 

6. Unisex style 

I know we said “5 essentials to look for when choosing a nappy bag”, but we couldn’t resist throwing in an extra!

In the past, homemade baby bags were popular and featured cartoon motifs and patchwork panels. While these quaint bags were crafted with love from an adoring grandmother, friend or godparent, they certainly didn’t scream chic unisex style.

While all of our nappy bags are designed with mothers in mind, babies need the same gear regardless of who they go out with. In saying this, it's a good idea to look for a unisex style that would work just as well for dad, grandma, or anyone else who's heading out with your baby.

We can’t go past the Paige Nappy Backpack with a neutral design that works for men and women alike. It also comes with padded backpack shoulder straps for those who value comfort and tend to carry a lot around with them and features a dedicated laptop slip pocket for working parents on the go.

Does the nappy bag match your style?

A nappy bag will be your essential baby accessory for the foreseeable future, so it must match your style preferences as well as your parental requirements.

Forget the quaint patchwork nappy bags of the past; these days, you're more likely to see a designer baby bag on the arm of a modern parent. Baby bags made from luxurious vegan leather make staying stylish and sustainable a lot easier. And a range of different colour options, including sleek black, luxurious latte, and elegant marble, ensures there's something for everyone. 

Choosing the right nappy bag for you

As this guide shows, there are many factors to bear in mind when choosing a baby bag. While style, durability, and practicality will always be the essential considerations, choosing from a range of stunning designer nappy bag options with intelligent and thoughtful extras makes the decision extra hard.

But, once you've found your perfect baby bag, you'll be ready to face any challenge your little one throws at you!

Have a question or query about M&B. baby bags? Check out our support hub for cleaning tips, order advice, and lots more. 

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