LOOKBOOK: The Cutest Newborn Beanies & Hats

There is nothing cuter than a newborn beanie or hat—which is lucky because they are rather crucial for new babies. According to Dr Charles Shubin, director of paediatrics at Mercy FamilyCare, a division of Family Health Centres of Baltimore:

"Babies need hats more than we do because their heads are proportionately bigger compared to their bodies than ours, resulting in more heat transfer, so a hat prevents too much heating or cooling of the baby." 

There are so many types of newborn beanies to choose from for this reason. This article is going to be your one-stop-shop for newborn beanies, hats and bows. While bows won’t keep your baby's head warm, they are adorable!

Some Fun Baby Beanie, Hat and Bow Styles

We will be looking at the following fun fashion ideas for your newborn:

  1. Bonnets
  2. Matching Bonnet and Bootie Sets
  3. Turbans
  4. Matching Beanie and Wrap Sets
  5. Mother and Baby Headband Sets
  6. Sun Hat- Legionnaire Hat
  7. Baby Bows
Bonnet & Bootie sets

Baby Bonnets

Bonnets are handy for two reasons. They don’t fall off easily, and they come in winter and summer styles to protect your baby from the sun. Modern and old fashion style bonnets are very popular among new parents.

A few clever brands are offering matching bonnet and booty sets. We think this is the greatest way to accessorise your baby’s outfits. Particularly as newborns lose heat from their feet and their heads.

Take a look at this gorgeous set by BUNDL Australia.

Gorgeous turbans designed by Bowy made
Baby Turbans

Turbans are so much fun and are very practical for newborns. Turbans cover little ears, fit snuggly around small heads and come in a large variety of patterns, colours, fabrics and styles. Turbans are a nice change from the standard newborn beanie styles.

Adults and babies can enjoy wearing turbans, and they can also come in Mother and baby sets. Turbans are also handy for babies that are slow to grow hair! Check out this design by BOWY Made.

Beanie and wrap sets

Wrap and Beanie Sets

If you want to go with the traditional newborn beanie, why not accessorise by getting some matching wrap sets? Baby wraps are as essential as baby beanies. Putting the two together makes for adorable pictures and is a great way to keep your baby snug and comfortable.

With a massive variety of fabrics, colours and patterns to choose from, you could have a set for every day of the week. We love this Snuggle Hunny Kids set. It is an excellent example of high quality, breathable material using a mixture of cotton and elastic for effective swaddling. 

Matchy matchy

Mother and Baby Headband Sets

Matching mother and baby sets are a fun way to style up your little bundle. There is a considerable range of headbands available for newborns to adults. 

We know what you are thinking. Headbands don’t keep babies warm. While this is true, they are so precious!

If you live in a warm climate and beanies are unnecessary, you can still enjoy dressing your little one up by wearing matching headbands! Come on, tie that unslept mummy hair back and have some fun with your little one. We love this set by Turbans For Tots Com

Legionnaire hat

Newborn Sun Hat

We can’t forget the importance of protecting your newborn from the sun. Sunscreens are usually not recommended for tiny babies’ sensitive skin. In saying this, the safest way to protect a newborn from the sun is clothing, a hat and shade. This means investing in a good sun hat that will cover their face and neck.

The Legionnaire style newborn hat is one of the better designs for baby sun protection. This is because it has a neck flap that will protect the back of your baby’s head, neck and ears.

We like this Beadhead Hats design because it comes with a chin strap to secure the hat to your baby’s head. Very handy when little ones learn to remove hats on their own!

Baby Bows

Modern Baby Bows

We couldn’t leave baby bows out. They are just too sweet to ignore. These days you can forget the traditional two-loop baby bow. They now come in a vast choice of styles to suit any and every occasion.

This Turbans For Tots Com Champagne Velvet Bow is the perfect example of modern newborn fashion. 

Don’t Forget to Pack The Hat!

There is one more important thing all new parents need to remember- Don’t forget to pre-pack a newborn beanie in your nappy bag for unexpected or last-minute outings! This is one of those rookie mistakes we all make when we are new to parenthood.

If you are looking for a list of things to pack in your nappy bag for newborns, you can go to our recent article: 5 HACKS TO BEING AN ORGANISED MUM WHEN YOUR NEWBORN ARRIVES. We have an extensive newborn nappy bag list that will help you get organised for your new arrival. 



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