Onesies: The Best Outfit For A Newborn

Have you been baby clothes shopping yet? Are you looking for the best onesies to buy for newborns

You may have received some basic onesie packs as a baby shower gift, unwrapped one and been in awe of how small it is. Newborn onesies will be the tiniest clothes your baby will ever own. This is because onesies need to be a snug fit in order to go under other clothes to help babies regulate their body temperature. 

Onesies are an absolute essential newborn baby item, and you will need plenty of them. How many? Keep reading, and we will answer all your onesie questions!

How Many Onesies Do I need for a Newborn?

As a general rule, you should always be prepared for your baby to need 2-3 changes of clothing per day. Nappy leaks, vomit, milk spills (yes, even breastfed babies make a mess when feeding!), and the occasional mystery wet patch will always require a change of clothes.

When considering how much to buy, remember you need clean, spare clothes for the nappy bag. Make sure you don’t leave yourself short of clothes.

That’s an estimate of at least 14-21 onesies a week, depending on how often you would like to do the washing. So we highly recommend you purchase a minimum of 10 onesies to start with!

Now, you also need to consider the types of onesies you will need, so please read on.

Types of Newborn Onesies and Their Advantages/Benefits For You and Baby 

Tiny arms and legs can be tricky to get into clothes, particularly while trying to protect a newborn baby’s vulnerable head and neck. Most newborns hate having their clothes changed. This is because they get cold very easily. So be prepared for some crying and wriggling during change times. 

Shoulder strab onesie by M&B

1. The Shoulder Snap Onesie

Also known as a baby bodysuit, the shoulder snap onesie has snap closures on the crotch and one shoulder of the outfit. 


Because your baby has a big head and a tiny body, the shoulder snap means you can have a snug-fitting onesie for your little boofhead! This causes less stress for you and your baby during change times.  

The snap closures are easy to open and close; however, ensure you get a decent quality onesie. Some snap closures need a tug to open, and low-quality products will wear around the closure points.

Shoulder flap onesie

2. Shoulder Flap Onesie

The shoulder flap onesie also has snap closures in the crotch, but both shoulders have flap-folds allowing big baby heads to slip through easily. 

The only difference between the shoulder flap and snap closure design is that the neck opens wider. The reason for this is so parents can pull the onesie down babies body for easy removal when trying to avoid lifting the poopy side over their head.

Again, we suggest you ensure the materials you choose are of a high standard. The shoulder flaps will stretch out of shape quickly in low-quality brands leaving your baby’s neck and shoulders exposed in cold climates.

Kimono Onesie

3. Kimono Wraparound Onesie

The wraparound onesie is a practical design for underweight or premature babies. They can come with snap or tie closures. The tie closures are convenient when your little one is too small for average newborn sizes. They can be a little fiddly while getting used to them, but dressing a tiny human usually is! 

The bottom of this onesie has the traditional snap closures typically in the crotch for easy nappy changes. There are two main differences with this design.

  1. The kimono design can come with ties or snap closures on the side.

  2. The wraparound design means you don’t have to put your baby’s head through a hole but instead place them on top of the material and then wrap them in it.

All the onesies we have mentioned above come in an extensive range of colours, patterns and styles. Many baby brands offer them long-sleeved, short-sleeved, and singlet styles. They will also have a varying number of snaps in the crotch. Some have two to four, while others can have an annoyingly high number when you are half asleep! 

Remember, we always suggest the materials you choose should be soft, breathable and organic. Always look for fire safety tags when purchasing any clothes or blankets for your baby.

Adults wearing animal onesies

When Do Babies Stop Wearing Onesies?

Get ready for a lifetime of onesies! Only kidding.

Most clothes brands stop their onesie sizes at 24 months. However, there are always brands that will make onesie pyjamas for toddlers and children of all ages. Yes, if you want one, you can get one too!

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